James D’Souza



Self-Awareness Is Your Secret Weapon

Self-help material can be clich├ęd, trite, and unrealistic. I examine a single idea from the world of self-development and make it actionable – in a short-form podcast.

This Man’s Collages

Collaging articulates emotional states beyond words – using only colour and image. I’ve found it an emotional and evocative exploration of my self.


Writing supports my development – on my own terms. Since 2005 I’ve blogged about topics as diverse as marriage, martial-arts, and masculinity.

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Hi! I’m James D’Souza.

I work full-time as a secondary school teacher, Head of Psychology and teacher of Business.

I’m also a certified coach and have helped people create relationships, find their purpose, and develop their resilience.

I believe in loving life and contributing to others – and making the most of every moment.

You’ll find me enjoying being married, playing guitar, practising martial arts and reading self-development books whenever I can. And provoking my pupils into thinking.

If anything you’ve read resonates, and I can support you in what you’re up to, then click here to book an insight call.